Blue Auras aims to help companies and jobseekers grow by offering quality and reliable workforce solutions for various industries. We offer the following services and tools:

1. To strive to meet our clients demands by providing manpower services of excellenceand high level of integrity

2. We aim to lead manpower services by delivering visionary leadership and building or maintaining strong business relationship with clients.

3. We support and povide a full range of manpower services with good knowledge in outsourcing and manpower services.

Need salespeople for your company but don’t have the resources or manpower to form your own sales team? One thing you can do is outsource. Let us to handle this business activity for you so you can grow your company with minimal investment.
Need merchandising solutions for your business? We can provide you with the personnel to plan product ranges and stock plans, forecast sales and ordering from suppliers, reach agreements on delivery terms, track stock deliveries, make sure goods arrive on time and they adhere to quality standards, set prices, and more. If you’re in need of visual merchandisers who canplan store layouts, market products from key lines, and promote special offers and marketing initiatives, we can help too.
Through our global partner, Trade Link Global Co., we offer intermediation services between buyers and sellers from all over the world. Our qualified agents can help companies in the import, export, and trading industry get the best deals and the best prices for services and goods.
Whether you need to promote your company or communicate your offerings to clients, we can help you set-up an SMS campaign and distribute your message to a number of target companies in our database.
We support logistics companies and industrial sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing quality and reliable manpower services—and we can do the same for your company.
If you’re a truck or van driver, we can help connect you with companies that need personnel to distribute their products and goods to customers.